my idea of fun are wading in the shallow rush for second place fuckin' up / out on the weekend
the jar and shock beekeepers turned, and turning ep
protestant work ethic
my idea of fun

My Idea Of Fun

2020 | vinyl/cd/digital |

  • Halfway Point
  • Oh, But I Will Wring Your Heart Yet
  • Cherry Glow
  • A Scorched Patch Of Tarmac
  • Pull Me Out, They Say, The Water Has
         Risen To The Base Of My Neck
  • We're Useful Now, But Soon We'll Be Interesting
  • Bride Sees Shark Eat Groom
  • Power Move
  • If You Say It Real Fast
  • A Fun Weekend, Again
  • A Gallant Of The Terror
  • Beached
are wading in the shallow

Are Wading In The Shallows

2016 | vinyl/cd/digital |

  • Into The Shallows
  • Study In Perspective
  • How About That
  • Draped like Lace
  • Lots Of Luck
  • Sketchy At Best
  • Wading In The Shallows
  • Danny Was Not Right for Me
  • From Nine To Nine
  • Taller On Our Knees
  • Fatal Error In Judgement
  • You Need To Hear It from Someone Else
rush for second place

Rush For Second Place

2013 | vinyl/cd/digital |

fuckin' up / out on the weekend
the jar and shock

The Jar And Shock

2009| cd/digital |

  • Softer Waves
  • Fate, Alarm, A Letter
  • Stale, Sort Of
  • The New Party For The Long Haul
  • Slow Learner
  • They're On Fire!
  • Higher Debts
  • Kept A Finger On It
  • Through Gilded Trellises
  • Stuck On 17 Across
  • At The Landing
  • Greener Pastures
the box
turned, and turning

Turned, And Turning EP

2007| cd/digital |

protestant work ethic

Protestant Work Ethic

2005| cd

  • Set Out To Take On
  • Weather Side
  • Turned, And Turning
  • Kindling
  • Duba Ktana
  • Writing In Other Lives
  • Walk The Plank
  • Clap Clean Hands
  • As They Are Blown Here And There ...
  • ... And There Again
  • That Branch We're Sitting On